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Are you scared about your child's future?
Do you want your child to have a better life then you did?
Do you desire better results in your child's life than what you had?

Insure a child's future and get the results you desire, order now and receive a Limited Time Offer of a 1st Edition Autograph Set of the books

Feedback from our customers feel these books are guaranteed to bring warm fuzzies into your life!

Children's Books - Education Through Creation Series Education Through Creation Series
A positive self-image and a belief in one's self are all Characteristics that are acquired through parents, adults and environment. The "Education Through Creation" eight book series was designed as a tool to assist in the development of children in the formative years.

Children love being read to. Not only does reading develop a bond between child and adult, but it develops a child' s love to read by themselves. Readers are Leaders!

Today's Child Is Tomorrow's Future!
The bright, beautifully illustrated, and fun- filled conversation pages in the "Education Through Creation" series, plant seeds that will last a lifetime! Remember this: if someone was taking care of, directing and guiding your child, what lessons would you want being taught?

The Education Through Creation series teaches children moral lessons that will stay with the child throughout his/her life! The books are brilliantly designed to guide and teach in a fun, simple and thought-provoking manner.

This series builds cognitive learning skills, positive self- image, self-esteem and adds a positive perspective on how to view life as we become adults. Please take a few minutes to read the testimonials we've received.

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