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Children's Books - Seventh Sun Productions
P.O. Box 1044
Tracy, MN 56175
Phone: 507-212-1234
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Read what others have to say about Education Through Creation Series!

Dear Mr. Jim Marks,

I personally thank you for providing and helping me share the books and your great ideas. I am thankful the teachers were quick to understand the value and relevance. They immediately incorporated the books into their lesson plans and thematic goals.

We are revising our curriculum to meet the Head Start Program Performance Standards to include teaching styles, themes and resources to ensure we incorporate the 8 Learning Domains. You have supplied us with exactly what we need, which we didn't know even existed!

So, thank you for helping me to help the staff, to help our community which helps our world and improves everyone's quality of life, learning and growing. We are anxious to order and use your next books! The staff is looking forward to me introducing more books like these and they keep asking if there are any more like it.

The interest the books provoked revealed evidence of its usefulness. It has been an extremely rewarding experience to have ordered something and see the staff take it on immediately. It is rewarding to visit a class unannounced and see the books being read, shared and discussed. Noticing the books out on display, seeing artwork and conversation around the books has been an indication we are on to something extremely valuable.

We found parents needed to learn about ideas and goals. With my colleague from Early Head Start, we are also using the 8 book series to plan a curriculum for parents to achieve their parenting goals. We are planning a series of workshops to help Parents understand these concepts by reading the books to them followed by some activities to provide a clear, practical and realistic understanding of planning and thinking.

It is refreshing to enjoy my work and bring an excellent resource into the lives of many.

With sincere gratitude,

Tamara Royal, Education Director
Children's Aid Society Public School 5 Head Start Program

"I wanted to write you a letter about my opinion of your children's books focusing on the Laws of the Universe. In my years of working in the Public School System in Toronto, Canada, I have not yet come across this material. These concepts are not taught in our educational systems and are crucial for the development of the minds of our future leaders. I have found some Learning Centers that incorporate the concepts you've written, but not as thorough as you've outlined them. It's obvious you are well versed in human potential and the study of the mind, an area that many adults still do not understand.

My interest in the study of the mind and human potential has caused me to work with Bob Proctor's "Youth Mentor International" which teaches these ideas to teenagers. We do not have curriculum yet for 12 and under and I am very excited to see your books emerge. Children need to learn about self-image, self-esteem, goal setting and goal achieving at a very young age. It's unfortunate these items are small parts of the Public School System Curriculum. Your books are an asset to any children's program as they focus on bolstering the self-esteem of children in such a way that they will learn it subconsciously.

I will continue to promote your books and would answer any questions educational institutions may have on the effectiveness of these ideas. Bob Proctor's "Youth Mentor International" is producing teens that will be the leaders of the next generation and your materials will be a crucial aspect of our program in the future."

Andrea MacPhail,
Director, Youth Mentor International

"These books, "Education Through Creation" are so beautifully done. The illustrations are so very bright and eye catching, the messages so delightfully presented that children will love to hear them over and over again. Learning is taking place each and every time you hear them. It's a pleasure to recommend this series to anyone working with pre-school and primary age children. There is much to learn for parents too."

Louise Welu Haag, Fifth Grade Teacher,
44 years, Elementary Principal for 20 years

"Your books are refreshing to read and share. In our fast pace day and age we often forget that the little things are what really matter."
"I love the CD to read along with the books. This will help families where English is not their first language. Families can listen to the words through audio and 'read' the book together while sharing the pictures.
"Your books have "subliminal" messages of value, families and loving oneself!"

Tonia Hill-Simmons Education Coordinator,
Wester Community Action, Inc. Head Start

"Making a difference to build understanding, respect and self-esteem in children."

Karla Kesteloot, President,
Licensed Day Care Providers Association

"Children can have value seeds planted in their hearts and minds without realizing that they have been taught a lesson in the story."

Annie Syverson, 4th Grade
Teacher for 10 years

"These are books kids will want to read for fun without realizing they're learning important lessons along the way. What a great gift for children."

Janine Frank, Day Care Provider for 12 years

"What a wonderful and inspirational way for our children to learn. They love the books!"

Natalie Marks, Day Care Provider for 6 years

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